Over & Aude

Over & Aude is an independent music agency based in Aarhus, Denmark. Over & Aude was founded by Jannie Overgaard and Daniel Aude in the summer of 2013.

With a skill set in artist management, booking, marketing, music video production, advertising, festival and tour production, we provide our artists with guidance and counselling in all aspects of their careers.


We have presented artists at some of the biggest and most influential festivals, events and venues in Denmark. Among these;  NorthSide Festival, P6 BEAT Rocker Koncerthuset, Smukfest, SPOT Festival, Gaffa Prisen Award Show and The Royal Danish Crown Prince Couple’s Award Show.


In Over & Aude we work closely with our artists to provide them with the best possible counselling in regards of carrier strategies. We allow our artists to focuse on writing great music, while we make sure their business is handled with care.

We believe that transparency and honesty are essential in our partnerships with our artists.

We understand the importance of surrounding the artist with the right team, in regards of labels, publishers, producers, PR agents, technical crew and others with an interest in the artist.


We can provide an artist with an overall media plan on all social media platforms. We also have a widely spread network of professional journalists and magazines who we work closely with.

We have provided our artists with interviews, featured on everything from small blogs to national renowned newspapers.

Marketing and promotion is a huge priority in our work with the artists.

Dayparty at SPOT festival

We host an annual Dayparty for our close business partners, friends and international delegates at SPOT festival. At this event we showcase our most promising new artists.

Dayparty 2017

Dayparty 2016

Dayparty 2015