a contemporary spin on the great pop-era of the 70s and 80s

Starting in 2015 a young songwriter went on a self proclaimed world tour for two years as he played his way through the streets of New York, Rio, Sydney and London, before finally meeting his producer on an open mic night in 2017.

Despite only hearing FAVOR performing on an acoustic guitar, he realized the captivating pop-craftsmanship in FAVOR’s songwriting and brought him back into the studio and the Copenhagen music scene

FAVOR is the alias of, Jeppe Gade, who was born into a mixed musical family growing up with his dad being a 70s rock man and his mum being a worshipper of 80s pop ballads. Favor combines his love of 80s melodies with an organic instrumentation, creating a nostalgic throwback sound similar to Kindness, Benny Sings and Blood Orange – putting a 21st Century spin on the great pop-era of late 70s and early 80s.