Velvet Volume

“Velvet Volume ready to take on Europe”

… Danish music magazine GAFFA wrote after returning home from Reeperbahn Festival 2017.

With standing ovations at live shows like P6 Beat Rocker Koncerthuset, Gaffa Prisen and a performance at the Royal Danish Crown Prince Couple’s Award Show, sold out shows at Pumpehuset, and many, many shows at venues and festivals in Denmark, the accomplishments of this young band speaks for itself.

Twins Noa, Naomi and their younger sister Nataja started playing music at the age of three and five. In 2013 Velvet Volume was born, and since then they have literally swept everyone off their feet.

Recently at the very prestigious Reeperbahn Festival where the band played three shows and was one out of seven bands handpicked by the festival to play the ‘Best of Showcases’. Besides that they packed the legendary venue Indra at the Danish Night presented by Reeperbahn Festival and Music Export Denmark.

After the show at Indra, GAFFA praised the band and wrote:

“The entire room at the legendary Beatles-venue Indra never had any doubts that they all witnessed something quite unique and extraordinary this Saturday night”.

Article in Danish here

In October 2017 Velvet Volume is releasing their highly anticipated debut album ‘Look Look Look!’. The album will be out worldwide during 2018.

With high ambitions and hard work, the band has played their way into the hearts of many music lovers. First and foremost Velvet Volume wins everybody over at their live shows – with an attitude like no other and a unique coolness, this band is set out for great achievements.

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Velvet Volume played the biggest stage at SPOT Festival 2017 and was rewarded 5/6 stars from GAFFA, who wrote:

“In other words, rock music is not dead and Velvet Volume gives it new life”.

The band played their first concert at Grimfest, Aarhus in 2013. Two years later Velvet Volume played the Main Stage at the same festival and received 5 out of 6 stars from Danish music magazine Gaffa for their performance – with an average age of 17, nonetheless.

The summer of 2015 og 2016 was truly exciting ones for Velvet Volume. Playing several festivals with not one, but two critics claiming that Velvet Volume played “the concert of the year” – for two different shows, that is.


“Without a doubt, the concert of the year!”
Alive Festival, Gaffa – Review

“They played the best concert of the year. Period.”
Uhørt Festival, Review

Danmarks Grimmeste Festival, Gaffa Review

Uhørt Festival, Review