PALA oozes of coolness, longing and devotion towards the opposite sex. It is a tale of a young, untameable and inexplicable love that sets aside all rationality.

Recently PALA played the SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, equivalent to Reeperbahn Festival, By:Larm etc. and the reviewer from the music blog Poplish was very enthusiastic about the show afterwards and wrote:

“The track ‘Baby You’re Mine’ felt like that kind of teenage crush where you run around with butterflies all the time. Fortunately that was the overall feeling I left their show with… The show was an abundance of great tunes og a pretty sexy lead vocalist that made everybody dance around.”

Excellent songwriting, catchy choruses and tight productions are the ground pillars of this band and leadsinger Søren Ulsig makes an impressive first impression. At first listen you would not believe this incredible voice – one apparently belonging to an elderly, weathered crooner – to be the one of a 24-year-old. But it is.

Recently Gaffa Music Magazine wrote:

“PALA is a pop act, until you blink and all of the sudden have a feeling of standing in front of a stadium rockband. Especially the instrumental sequences lets one’s emotions run free and you are reminded what great musicians PALA are hiding behind that easily accessible pop songs.”

PALA is a brotherhood of four close childhood friends. Søren, Kristoffer, Jens and Niklas create music for the dancefloor. With perfection they will guide their audience through an impressive live show and make sure everybody feels like they were personally invited to the party.