Intoxicating synth-pop that makes you wanna dance!

Influenced by the great female pop artists of the 80es, Favor is not trying to be anything else but great 2017-pop music inspired by music written 30 years ago.

Since January 2016 Favor has been writing and producing songs with his musical playmates and is now ready to show the world what Favor sounds like. Despite Favor having a masculine mastermind the sound universe is very colorful, feminine and beautiful.

Favor is releasing his first single ‘Hole In The Heart’ on October 13th.

“My friend was born with a hole in the heart. A physical hole right there in the middle of her heart. She always used this empty space in her heart as an excuse to run away when love became too real. But I think we all do that. Run away when love gets too heavy or it all becomes too emotional. Many of us have a hole in the heart”, he says.

Even though ‘Hole In The Heart’ is inspired by a rather sad story, the song also tells a story about hope and love and is very, very suitable for the dancefloor.

Danish P3-radio host, Mads Gundersen describes Favor like this:

“Favor is intoxicating synthpop, that gives you an urge to change all your bills to cents and use them all at the nearest arcade. It’s positive, enlightening and to be heard in purple neon-light with a drink in your hand, which you do not know the name of, and it really doesn’t matter, cause you are going to spill it anyway when you are dancing”.

As well as the music is well-produced, the artwork and aesthetics surrounding Favor is carefully thought through and with a clear appreciation of the beauty in bright neon colours – also inspired by Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper and more.

‘Hole In The Heart’ is recorded and created in co-operation with producer and musician Søren Christensen (The Blue Van, Nabiha, M.I.L.K., Fallulah).