DIY Scandinavian soul-pop

EIRENE is the sound of Scandinavian soul-pop. Minimalistic and yet energetic beats. Heavy bass, trembling synths and on top lead singer Kristian Kolby’s fascinating vocal range, gives the songs the ever so intriguing Scandinavian sound.

EIRENE released the single ‘Never Enough’ in June, which went straight to the ‘New Music Friday’ Spotify playlist and got to #16 on Spotify Viral 50 (DK). EIRENE played at Atlas in Aarhus which no 1. music magazine GAFFA reviewed and rewarded the band 5/6 stars. They wrote:

“From the very first note they deliver with a bombastic energy that instantly draws the crowd closer to the stage like a magnet. That magnetic force might have something to do with the fact that it is rare to hear electronic pop with such an authentic live sound.”

During the last year the three high school friends Kristian Kolby (leadsinger), Sebastian Vistisen (synths) and Klaus Ager (drums), barricaded themselves in the living room of leadsinger Kristian Kolby’s living room to dedicate themselves completely to the music.

“We always loved the idea of DIY. We actually borrowed a huge amount of money from the bank to buy professional microphones, cables and other stuff to have a complete studio and live setup.”  

EIRENE, despite only having released one single so far, already played several venues and festivals and will be playing the Gimle Sound-Tjek Festival in December 2017, which has presented a number af artists through the years who went on to have great success national and international.